Latitude: 557 19.521N Longitude: 169 54.416W

Navigating the Bering Sea is nothing compared to the mental-mapping it takes to find your way around Healy City. Wrapping up my 20th day onboard, I am finally finding my way around. The only trouble is... the doors. Scuttles, latches, and levers- every door seems to have a new and exciting way to challenge my biceps, triceps and every muscle in my upper back.

The official purpose of these doors is to keep the ship climate controlled, watertight, and airtight. The unofficial purpose is to make getting to my destination nearly impossible. There's the door to the helicopter hanger, for example...

Heli door
The door to the Helicopter hanger is the toughest on the ship!

Then, there's the door on the 03 deck from my stateroom hallway to the lab...


Nevermind the door to the mess hall...

Mess Door
Opening the door to the stairwell from the mess deck takes major pushing. The stairway is often windy and it pushes the door back at you. Here I am throwing all my body weight at it!

The swinging door (that one is actually pretty fun!)...

Swinging Door
This door is FUN!

Or the scuttle to get to the cargo holds...


Oh, and please don't miss the door to the exhaust stacks! (I don't really need to go there but it's a pretty impossible door so it was worth a mention.)

To the Stacks...
Try getting into this door quickly. There's a short pipe that is used to crank each of these open but it still takes a while!

Once I return to dry land, no door will ever seem exciting enough again. Unless that is, I get one of these put on my front door.

Elevator Door
First the right, then the left... no, the left then the right?

Hanger Door
This is one BIG garage door!

Monster Hatch
Using a lever on the wall, Master Chief Podhora opened this hatch so I could climb up to the next level!

Wall Scuttle
This scuttle goes through the wall! Imagine if you had these to get around school- traffic jam?

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