Travel update

    TBD are the words I keep seeing on the television screens next to my scheduled flight to ChristChurch. To Be Determined. The snow has stopped, but thick clouds still cover Ross Island. Thankfully, my time at the South Pole has taught me patience. When people ask me if I'm flying to New Zealand tonight, I tell them I'm not sure. Hopefully I will make it home, but the weather determines everything!

    Geographic South Pole Ceremony

    One exciting event that I was able to participate in at the South Pole was the ceremony to re-establish the geographic South Pole. Every year, a new marker is brought out, and the Geographic South Pole sign is moved about 33 feet to its new accurate location. This is because the South Pole sits on the Antarctic Ice Sheet, which is constantly moving.

    Ceremonial South Pole
    Polies gather around the South Pole marker to celebrate the new geographic location.

    To celebrate this event, my friend James and I made some ceremonial speeches.

    How to spend free time

    Although I'm back in McMurdo, I no longer am working with a research team. This means I have a lot more free time than I was used to having. Luckily, there is plenty to do here. I have been able to spend time reading, hiking, and having fun. The time spent waiting for a flight in Antarctica goes by quickly when you are busy.

    Ways to stay occupied when stuck in Antarctica:

    Bike Riding

    Bike Ride
    Michelle and Terry went on a bike ride to Scott Base (the New Zealand Station) during their free time at McMurdo Station.


    For fun at the South Pole, the head chef dresses up in costume and hosts bingo night.


    Susan and Michelle spent many hours in the craft room at the South Pole to pass time.


    Bob Melville hosted a Contra Dancing lesson at the South Pole as a way to spend a free evening.


    This funny science drawing was hanging in the science lab. Many people draw and sketch for fun.


    When James and the AGO team were stuck out at AGO 2, they created a zombie movie to keep themselves occupied. James was hoping to film the last scenes of the zombie movie here at McMurdo, but his plane is delayed. Scott, another member of the AGO team, and I have decided to help out and have been filming the necessary scenes for his movie. Last night we were able to get a bunch of people from the dining hall to walk like zombies!


    Cool Careers in Antarctica

    Corey Peratrovich
    Meet Corey Peratrovich.

    Meet Corey Peratrovich. Corey is a production cook at the galley at McMurdo. This is his first season in Antarctica. Corey has wanted to come to Antarctica since he was 13 and is happy to realize his dream. Corey went to the French Culinary Institute of New York and now has expertise in both traditional and French cooking. His most memorable experiences in Antarctica are landing on the sea ice, and all the excursions he has had. He was able to go to happy camper, as well as visit sites near McMurdo. Corey always has a smile on his face and his goal is to keep people happy!

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