Mount Erebus - We had some clear sky on my way home leaving Antarctica for Christchurch, New Zealand. One the two most active volcanoes on the Planet!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I completed my journey back to Northwestern Pennsylvania and arrived home in time to enjoy the Holidays with family and friends. I'm not sure if it's possible to spend time in Antarctica without being in awe and without becoming a bit connected to such a place that challenges you in so many different ways.

    This is the Airbus A380 ... a new double-decker airplane that can hold 525 passengers. If it's configured with economy seating only (no first-class or business) it can carry over 800 passengers. This thing is huge, and it's what took me from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles non-stop! Some amazing engineering going on here!!

    I will still be posting a few things and answering questions, so please check back in a week or two. Time for me to go enjoy Christmas!