18 April 2007 Heading Home

Jenn Hutchins and Pat McKeown helped Cathy and I gathered our gear and then saw us off at the airport for the 1 am flight to Seattle.  I slept on the plane.  In Seattle Cathy took advantage of the lay over to nap in the airport.

 Cathy takes a nap in the Seattle Airport.Cathy gets some shut eye. We caught our Seattle to Boston flight and I took advantage of the time to journal and read.  Flying to the east we lost time with the time change.  When we arrived in Boston it was night time. 

Cathy arrives in Boston.Cathy arrives in Boston.

Cathy and I gathered our gear and caught the bus.  We left Boston

 Leaving Boston from South Station.Leaving Boston from South Station.

and were on our way to Lebanon, New Hampshire, and the Upper Connecticut River Valley.  As the bus ride continued and we got closer to home the anticipation of seeing our families began to build.  We arrived at 10 pm and it was so good to see everyone! 

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