In typical Barrow fashion, the weather changed – cold, raining, and windy. I think it is a great time to discuss a typical day. Since arriving to Utqiaġvik, there is a lot that goes on everyday, but its makes the days go by fast! We stay at the Ukpik Hotel which is designated for researchers.

    My Alaskan shoe game.
    Xtra Tuff boot and my Crocs.
    We share a common kitchen and living area.
    No boots beyond this place.
    The mud room, where researchers switch out of their muddy boots and into some comfy shoes!
    There are two sets of bathroom, one with just a standard stall, and others equipped with showers. There is a laundromat, but more interesting is the mud room. In the Ukpik and the BARC, researchers must change out of their muddy boots to comfy shoes or flip flops. At the Ukpik, there are boot warmers in the event that you get water in your boots. Since there is a lot of people in the team, the days are split up in pairs who are in charge of either washing dishes or making meals.
    Fresh Salmon!
    Dr. Tweedie prepared some AMAZING salmon for dinner!
    The mornings start at around 730am, earlier if it your turn to set up meals for the day, then off to the BARC to get your equipment for the day. It's usually a short drive to your site and a good hike to the site. We try to come back for lunch at the Ukpik, but if you're out you must pack your meal during breakfast. At night we all have dinner together, debrief over the days activities and figure out the plan for the following day. Very seldom is there any free time, other than to prepare for the next day or get in contact with people from home. Saturdays are pot-luck days, where all the researchers bring in a dish to share at the Ukpik (hotel). It is a time to meet scientist and see what they're doing in the field, but just a break from field work is always welcome! Sundays are sleep in days – we wake up about 2 hours later – which is great and needed from the field work from the week.

    Weather Summary
    Cold and windy-light rain
    45 F
    Wind Speed
    30 mph from the North
    Wind Chill
    36 F