Arctic Ocean and the Elson Lagoon

    One of the researchers, Jesus Godinez, is a student at UTEP assisting the team on the impacts and characteristics of the changing Arctic Ocean and the Elson Lagoon.

    UTEP undergrads testing out sediment sampler.
    Jesus Godinez and Tabitha Fuson getting the sediment sampler into the water.

    Jesus is using a echo sounder, which generates a short pulse of sound that travels through the water and bounces off the seabed to reveal the shape and nature of the seafloor.

    The anchor girls.
    Tabitha Fuson (the original anchor girl) and Ruth Rodriguez (still learning) given the arduous task of deploying the anchor on the UTEP vessel.

    Godinez has also created a probe to collect sediment while on the boat. Today he tested out the functionality and any improvements needed, while on the boat. He is also specializing on creating maps of the marine environment. To do all this important research, Dr. Craig Tweedie and his team have outfitted a zodiac that contains sensors and software to investigate the Arctic Ocean and assist in the taking of samples. The boat still has no name, but the findings of the vessels are limitless! Before heading out we had a quick lesson on knot tying – I only mastered the square knot. I asked Dr. Tweedie how he had so much knowledge on boats? Before he was at UTEP, Dr. Tweedie worked with the equivalent of the Parks and Wildlife in Australia, and some time doing Search & Rescue.

    Captain Craig
    Dr. Craig Tweedie taking us to our first sampling point.

    View from the UTEP vessel
    The sea started to get a bit choppy, but we were able to field test the sediment probe for Godinez.

    The UTEP vessel in the workshop.
    Before the UTEP boat heads out we get together all the last minute details.

    Testing the boat
    Before going out for samples the engine was testing in the Elon Lagoon to make sure everything was functioning.

    Elson Lagoon
    Weather Summary
    On land breezy, on the water cooler. Overcast and clouds coming in.