First Day of Sampling

So I learned that the sun set today for only a minute at around 2am in Barrow. It won't REALLY set until the beginning of August. Today was our field day in Alaska! Starting the day, it was a cool 50 F as per the weather station in the field. Our first stop was at the International Biological Program (IBP) ponds where we set up a weather station, put out carbon sensors, and collected water samples.

IBP pond
First stop of the day-the International Biological Program (IBP) tundra pond site.
UTEP team setting up the collection site at the IBP tundra pond.
UTEP students (from the left: Fabian Uribarri setting up the weather station, top right: Dr. Lougheed calibrating equipment with students, bottom right: team wrapping collection at the IBP tundra site).
The building that houses all the labs for researchers is the Barrow Arctic Research Center (BARC), and it is run by the Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation. From our lab we have a beautiful view of the Middle Salt Lake Lagoon outside, and is a short drive away from our sampling sites. As part of being in the lab all the researchers must go through an orientation before going out in the field. Safety is a main concern, but also respecting the land and its people. The Inupiat values: Compassion
Avoidance of Conflict
Love and Respect for Our Elders & One Another
Family and Kinship
Knowledge of Language
Hunting Traditions
Respect for Nature
Researchers are expected to respect the local natives and encouraged when in Utqiaġvik, to abide by the values of the Inupiat.

71° 19' 30" N , 156° 40' 4" W
Barrow Arctic Research Center (BARC)
Weather Summary
Foggy in the morning but cleared up by noon
50 F
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Rebecca Harris

It's great that you are expected to learn and follow the Inupiat values while you are doing research there. Does that mean you are learning some of their language? Its fun to have a preview of how much daylight I'll have in a few days! Good luck!

Ruth Rodriguez

Rebecca!! I'm trying to get as much culture as possible-the language I'm working on it. I'm excited to see all the cool things that your doing. Thanks!!