Thirty glass squares and thirty marble squares prepared by Drake students,Ceramic sign prepared by a Drake student,
    One square meter of shade cloth*,Landscape fabric pins to anchor shade cloth*,
    Diamond tipped engravers, soil scoops, knife and other tools,Light meter,
    Drake High pennant,Dell laptop computer with power and ethernet cables,
    Data stick, assorted plug adaptors and modem adaptors, PolarTREC manual,Digital camera with battery charger, spare battery, card reader and cable,
    Binoculars, hand lens, compass, global positioning system (GPSA Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system used to track the location or position of objects on the Earth’s surface.) with manual,Two books on Namibia, four scientific articles on hypolioths, one Russian novel,
    Waterproof field notebook, pencils and pens, examples of student work, Hat, hiking boots, socks, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, bandana, water bottle,
    PASSPORT, cash, plane tickets

    (* = Once in the field, I decided against using the shade cloth in this experiment.)

    Packing for the Namib Desert
    These items, plus a few clothes, are all I need. Notice I am not bringing a parka!

    Sir Francis Drake High School