I usually have a very good sense of direction, because I know the sun rises in the east, crosses the sky to the south, and sets in the west.  In Finland at this time of year it is usually cloudy and you can’t see the sun.  Even when you can, it just goes in circles and circles around the horizon!  There’s no telling which way is north, or even what time it is anymore.  I get lost.  We have entered the zone of perpetual day.  "Yesterday”, "today” and "tomorrow” no longer mean anything.

    3:13 AM, May 28
    From the balcony of my apartment

    7:12 AM, May 28

    I haven’t seen the moon or a star in a month.  I no longer turn on the lights indoors, even at midnight.  The curtains in my room don’t work to keep out the sun while I sleep.  I miss the dark.

    10:56 AM, May 28
    Yli-Ii School

    5:53 PM, May 28
    Oulu University Campus, returning from the lab

     Northern people just don’t sleep in the summer.  They stay up forever.  In the winter, they sleep long hours.  Problem is, I wasn’t here last winter and I am behind on my sleep.

    8:54 PM, May 28
    Finnish lake

    11:08 PM
    Oulu University Campus

    Midnight, May 28
    From the balcony of my apartment

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