This morning while taking in the view before breakfast, I saw a bear just on the other side of the narrow span or river next to our camp. I immediately shouted 'Hey look, a bear!' I scrambled for my camera and sleepy people popped out of their tents. I was so happy to have spotted a grizzly here in Kamchatka that I couldn't contain my enthusiasm. I was later informed by Jody that in the future, when I spot a bear, I should include information such as 'over there across the river' or 'in the distance'. Having neglected to do so may have been the cause of a pulled muscle as people scrambled for their bear flares and strained their stiff sleepy muscles to come to my assistance. Oh well, at least I got to see a bear. Just like I wanted to, from a distance and in the company of plenty of people.

Grizzly Bear
The young bear made its way along the ridge line. It was wet from a long night of rain and morning of drizzle. It made several stops to watch us as he made his way to wherever he disappeared from view.