What’s in a Name?

As the school year starts to wind down and my expedition date quickly approaches, I realize that our ever present class mascot is still nameless! In my previous post, I asked my students to submit a name for the Loon in the “Ask The Team” section of my journals. Ok, ok…I did dangle the carrot of extra credit over their heads, but I was still pleased with the responses I received.

Luna? Salario?
This poor little bird deserves a name!

The Spectacular Seven

With so many responses recorded, it was obvious that I had to pare down the list for a vote. To be fair, all of the names were fantastic (Luno Mars was a personal favorite that didn’t make the cut…that and Boom Boom Loon), but there were just too many. I took a cue from a fellow PolarTREC teacher, Alicia Gillean by creating a quick survey to determine the winner. So…it’s now down to the wire. My students have started voting, but I’m hoping to get the input of some adults as well (mostly because one of my students is trying to stuff the ballot box). Please take a minute and record your vote here.
Stay tuned to my journals for the big reveal!