After over a year in the Arctic Ocean, the R/V Polarstern returned to the Port of Bremerhaven, Germany yesterday, October 12, 2020. (Well sort of yesterday, time zones are confusing!)

    To celebrate the return of the Polarstern, you can watch a brief welcome back video from the Alfred Wegner Institute. AWI also issued this press release, with some great photos and Science Magazine has a good article recapping some of the highlights and challenges of the expedition. This week's MOSAiC Monday from CIRES also features information about the return, as well as some great new activities and resources related to Arctic science, MOSAiC, and Indigenous cultures and science.

    The return of Polarstern marks the end of the physical expedition, but next will come the sharing of some of the most interesting stories from the field, the processing of so many samples, the analysis of even more data, and weaving it all together into a better understanding of the Arctic and our planet.

    I'm excited to continue to learn with you all in the coming months and even years that it will take researchers to really fully synthesize some of this knowledge!