3 August 2018 Mist Netting: Catching Birds....and a Little Extra Surprise

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Why are all the birds puking?

Very interesting info. I have used mist nets for capturing bats. Fun tool to get to see wildlife up close. So, to the puke. I saw you scraping it off the rocks. What makes them puke in the first place? I figured maybe you were pumping their stomachs, but I guess not.

Re: Kevin Dickerson commented on 3 August 2018 Mist Netting:...

Capturing bats must have been interesting!

Great question about how the puke: the birds captured have pretty full
gular pouches with food for the chicks, so sometimes they automatically
release it once they fly into the net. Sasha is quite adept at massaging
the pouches to get birds to puke into his hands!

On 8/9/18 12:14 PM, PolarTREC wrote:

Stacy Gasteiger
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Puke Pro

Wow! Now you have yet another amazing skill to add to your already powerful resume. I never thought of this method of gathering important feeding data.

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Location: St Lawrence Island
Weather Summary: Breezy, overcast
Temperature: 49
Wind Chill: 47
Wind Speed: 7mph

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