Some Final Thoughts

    All members of G-063 are now either home, or on their way home... I've been putting off this journal telling you that I made it, partly because I don't want it to be over! I'll add a couple more posts soon that I didn't get a chance to finish... but for now, here are some of the things I will dearly miss:

    The G-063 team!
    The G-063 team!

    Doing cool science....
    Doing cool science....

    The remote beauty...
    The remote beauty...

    Some Thank You's!

    It's much better for me to think of this as the beginning of longterm friendship and collaboration with G-063 members! It won't ever be quite the same as it was at Lake Joyce, and I won't be quite the same, having been a part of this team. I thank each of you for finding your own ways to share the science with me that you are so passionate about. I, in turn, am eager to share it with the young people I work with! I am grateful for every moment of First, Second and Third Class Fun we shared- learning from each other, laughing together and being a team. More, please?

    I'm especially thankful for Tyler and Dawn for taking a chance on me.

    I'd also like to give a tremendous thank you to the PolarTREC crew, especially Sarah and Janet, for your training and support for me. Between you and G-063, I was so well prepared for this adventure, and knew what to expect. You patiently guided me through each step. You even answered your phones at ridiculous hours, knowing it was probably me! I look forward to being in the PolarTREC organization as a veteran teacher, now!

    I feel like I'm part of two families now: G-063 and PolarTREC! How lucky am I?!?

    Lastly, thank you National Science Foundation, for supporting PolarTREC. With your help, we can continue to have rich and meaningful partnerships between researchers and teachers and we can inspire the next generation of scientists who are in our classrooms today.

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    Susan Steiner

    Great journals...awesome trip. Feel free to post class will keep checking in and we will figure out a skype time this spring!