Greetings, readers! It's another lovely day in Antarctica, with temperatures hovering around a balmy 27°F. We had a another day of wrapping things up with a return of every piece of gear borrowed for our field season (minus a couple of thermoses that I think we left at Lake Bonney).

    We also had a long discussion about which team members would write publications based on our research here. This is really important because if we don't share our findings with the greater science community, then we aren't contributing to a wider field of discoveries! What we learn could help others form new avenues of investigation and better understanding of earth's systems.

    I also made another little video for you today. The title cracks me up, but I know you aren't supposed to laugh at your own jokes...:

    McMurdo Station, Antarctica
    Weather Summary
    Sunny, windy... always with the wind!!
    Wind Chill


    Rachel K

    Late night comedy, that's your next gig!
    Kidding, its fascinating to think of the of the bodies not composing. I suppose that's what it's like when you hike Everest and see people that died climbing and fell to inaccessible places in years past. Weird.