It's going to be 110 degrees here today. Everyone I know is hiding from the heat. Watching movies inside. Making trips to the Lake. Staying in the pool.

    As for me, I am also dreaming of the Ice. For people in the Polar Science community, Antarctica is simply and affectionately known as "The Ice". The Ice is a brutal, hostile environment. But it's also addictive, charismatic and beautiful. It symbolizes adventure, wildness and The Unknown. While its so hot here, I fantasize about my upcoming trip to the Ice. I daydream of bundling up in layers of fleece in preparation of an icy adventure. I close my eyes and think of that intake of breath so cold its painful. I envision shielding my eyes from the glare of sun bouncing off vast whiteness. I imagine using my big heavy boots to kick a little ice formation, and hear the satisfying tinkle of what sounds like breaking glass.

    View of Dry Valleys lake
    Lake Joyce, in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, is similar to where the science team will be.

    I'm so lucky to get to go the Ice! I was invited on this journey over two years ago by Rachael Morgan-Kiss, who is a microbiologist at Miami University in Ohio. We have been waiting (so patiently, I might add) for COVID to finish having its way with every plan that anyone has been hopeful enough to make. Its almost our turn- we leave for the Ice in late October, and we will stay until mid-December.

    In the days and weeks ahead, I'll fill you in on what we've been doing to get ready for this adventure. More importantly, you can learn about why we are going, how microbes at the bottom of the world affect you, and what it's like to live and science (yes, its a verb!) on The Ice.

    Follow us!

    Auburn, California
    Weather Summary


    Janet Warburton

    Hi Lucy,
    I'm so excited that we get to follow you and the team in Antarctica! I'm even more excited that you'll be meeting up with the team soon and other teachers that have been to Antarctica and working on how to share this with students and the public. Your description of returning to the ice is amazing and it does sound inviting! Here's to cooler dreams and experiences to come.

    Mia M. and Lucy S.

    We think that this expedition is fascinating because of the beautiful environment and wildlife. We wonder if there are any eclipses in Antarctica, and what other animals life there.


    I think this project/expedition is interesting and I wonder what you can do for fun in Antarctic.

    Dylan Sims

    I wish you luck with your trip make sure to bring all your supplies so that things don't go bad. I think the project is gonna go well and you guys are going to discover and see new things. I wonder if there is one huge group meeting, and i hope I learn more about Antarctica.

    Madison L

    This whole expedition sounds really exciting and adventurous! Antarctica seems so alien to the rest of the world and I'm excited to see the different explorations in the next few months. I'm hoping to learn more about microbes, how they survive, how they interact with the environment, and how they got to Antarctica in the first place. I wonder about what places this team will go to and if there'll be any penguins sighted! I wish this expedition the best of luck!

    Coco D

    I think this whole project is amazing! Where do you stay when you go here? Do you stay in a hotel, a tent, or some kind of building? Also how do you stay warm when you go here? Its very cold over there. Have a amazing trip!

    DJ. C and Cooper. M

    We think that the expedition is very interesting and is going to be very fascinating. We wonder what the coldest temperature will be when you are there. We hope to learn many new things.

    Sophie B.

    Hello Mrs. Coleman,
    Antarctica sounds like such a scary but fun place. I always thought it would be cold 24/7, but 110 degrees is really hot! So excited for you and to hear all about your trip. Have fun and stay safe!

    Ashtyn V

    I think that this upcoming expedition to Antarctica is so crazy but also so amazing. I hope to learn more about the polar climate and the species that live in those harsh climates and how they survive. Have an amazing time!

    Elisabeth M

    I am so excited to have you go to Antarctica and teach us all about it. I hope you have a safe trip there and back. We will miss you dearly. Have a fun and safe trip.

    Riley M. and B…

    We are so excited for you to go to Antarctica! I have always wondered how people survive down there, and what kind of research and experiments are conducted.

    Joselle C

    This trip sounds extremely exciting! I would love to take pictures there someday and I can tell Antarctica is very beautiful, although I've only looked at photos. I wonder how you stay warm and where you stay when you travel there, some hotel or an Airbnb of sorts. I'm also curious as to how penguins are, let me know. Have a good trip!

    Gabriel M>

    I wonder, in Antarctica does your brian frreeze when you breath?

    Dylan Sims and…

    I wish you luck with your trip make sure to bring all your supplies so that things don't go bad. I think the project is gonna go well and you guys are going to discover and see new things. I wonder if there is one huge group meeting, and i hope I learn more about Antarctica.

    Colton S

    The expedition will be interesting being a student of Ms. Coleman, i'm curious about what the research is for and what makes it dangerous?

    Adriel G.

    Where will you and the other researchers be staying while in Antarctica, and exactly what will you be researching?

    Kayla B.

    Your trip sounds super fun! The way that you described Antarctica made it sound so beautiful, and it sounds like a place that I would like to visit. I hope that your expedition is enjoyable and educational! :)

    Mason Aronsen

    I am wondering how you guys plan to do your research during the expedition .

    Faith C p2

    I think this expedition sounds cool, I wish you luck on the cold icy days. I'm glad that you finally get to go after waiting for the COVID years to pass. Have an amazing time.

    Isabella James…

    Antarctica looks like a really neat place to research. I am also excited to be learning about it while you are there.

    Lily Q.

    Anarctica looks beautiful, how many layers of clothing do you need to stay warm when it can get down to -128° Farenheit?

    Beckett. E

    You said that you were leaving in October and staying until mid summer. I was wondering, is it a couple day process to get to the Antarctic? And if so then let us know how that went, I wish you luck with your journey with your team.

    Beckett. E

    Sorry I meant "mid December"

    Brynn H.

    It's so sad you had to wait 2 whole years to go on this trip but it must be so nice that you finally get go after waiting so long.

    Maddie. M Period 2

    Hi Mrs. Coleman,
    I can't wait to hear all about your trip! I wonder if that when you step on the ice too much when it makes the tinkle noise it will eventually break or even crack. I hope that you find some amazing research about microbes at the bottom of the world that are affecting us!

    Carson h P2

    Hi Mrs Coleman,
    Why is it painful when you breathe? What is going to be your favorite part of your trip.

    Presley H Period 2

    I think it is amazing you are going to Antarctica even though you know it's a hostile environment and its amazing to have this chance to see this place. I wish you luck and hope you have a safe trip and learn many new things.

    Lana I. Period 2

    This trip sounds like an amazing adventure! It's so exciting that you are going to go to Antarctica and work with your team to research more of the unknown. What is it like being in such cold weather and what do you do to stay warm while studying the land?

    Alyssa I Period 2

    I wonder what kind of research you guys will be doing, and what about it will make it fun but also dangerous?

    Parker W. Period 2

    The expedition sounds really cool besides the freezing cold part but other than that I hope you find new unknown items and see what they are to further help the antarctic research program.

    Kayden Y. Pe…

    This expedition seems very interesting and very close to you and all the people involved by the way that you guys have made a name for this continent("The Ice") and because the way that you have been waiting for COVID to die down.

    Layla Seegel -…

    I am so excited for you to do this trip, especially to hear all about it.

    Olivia H

    The way you talk about Antarctica makes it really seem like an interesting place to visit and see. As I am not a fan of being cold, the way you say it symbolizes wildness and the unknown makes me interested to learn more about Antarctica. I wonder if anyone there has ever tried to live there for longer than advised.

    Sabella C

    Hi Ms. Coleman,
    I think it is so amazing that you get to go to the Ice! Hopefully I will get to hear all about your trip when you get back from Antarctica. It is a really cool opportunity. I wonder whether you will see any penguins there.

    Sydney C. Period 2

    That seems like a really fun trip! how do you stay cold on your trip.

    Aurora S. Period 4

    This expedition to the antarctic sounds so fun. What kinds of information will you be gathering?


    I hope you have fun and discover new things and more about climate change, I wonder if you will find anything interesting and learn more about climate change.

    Dylan A

    It seems like a very fun trip. What do you have to wear when you out on expeditions or exploring.


    I wonder if you mine down all of the ice from one part in the middle is it will lead you to water or land? Why does is sound like breaking glass when you destroy the ice?

    Lucas L. Period 4

    Sounds really cold🥶

    Ryan Bennett

    Looks really cool and interesting. Why is the sun always so low? And why does the sun never go higher.


    I hope you have fun and discover new things and more about climate change, I wonder if you will find anything interesting and learn more about climate change.

    Gabriel Salaza…

    It sounds nice being covered in fleece and being able to practically go skiing.

    Ethan B period 4

    I hope you have fun and discover new things and more about climate change, I wonder if you will find anything interesting and learn more about climate change.

    Jackson W. period 4

    Sounds like it's cold there, hope you find something new.

    Denys stadnytskyi

    Can people swim there or is it way to cold to.

    Fox Winczner

    This expedition seems cool, but what other kind of wildlife will you find inland?


    This seems like a very fun trip to experience. I'm wondering how many layers of clothes it takes to stay warm.


    I'm also excited about your trip to Antarctica! The way you describe it makes it sound amazing, and I hope you have fun while you're there. I wonder if you'll get to see and learn more about penguins.

    Kimani N Period 4

    I forgot to put my name, sorry.