Researchers can be jocks too.
    We're not professional athletes; we just look like ones! This is Kim and me with our game faces on before the race.

    Last night Kim and I were inaugural athletes in the first ever Top of the World Midnight Marathon! Barrow does have a race as part of their Independence Day activities, but this event was sponsored by Runner's World and had water stations, medical support, and police presence (to protect the wildlife from runners and probably vice versa) And since Barrow has 24 hour sunlight, why not race at midnight!

    Everyone's a winner in my book.
    Watch out, London Olympics 2012! We're fierce with fellow runner Karl Newyear, Umiaq Chief Scientist.

    Although we're not professional athletes; we just look like ones, Kim and I put up quite the fight against the 65 other racers. We figured we had been training ever since we landed in Barrow, considering the 3 mile trek into the tundra every day for our research.

    My acceptance speech was cut short by the orchestra starting to play again.
    You like me! You really like me!!!

    So despite the fact that the water station refused to serve Kim, because she was told the water was reserved for 1/2 marathoners only, we felt victorious as we crossed the finish line!

    Probably the most complete map of Barrow I've ever seen!
    Here's my finisher's medal. I bit it! And yes, it's not real gold.

    As you can see from the map, the route took us past all my favorite spots around Barrow - the AC grocery store, Osaka Japanese restaurant, and some of the Arctic Ocean. Participants were a mix of locals, including their children, lots of scientist researchers, and even a few running enthusiasts who came up just for the event. Registration fees for the event were donated to charity!

    So now the day after, I still feel like a winner, but my legs are so sore!