Today was the first day for students at many North Slope Borough public schools. Tim Buckley, a science teacher at Barrow High School, allowed Kelsey and I to poke around the Whaler's campus for the afternoon. In addition to teaching AP Physics and Chemistry classes, Mr. Buckley also heads up a Global Information Systems (GIS) course for upperclassmen. Taught in concert with representatives from the North Slope Borough, this course certifies students for GIS operation - an extremely marketable skill at this day and age. The students' GIS and chemistry labs rival those of many a college campus. 

Science Lab
All placards labeling rooms throughout the school included the Inupiaq translations of the given word.

Lab Space
Mr. Buckley's Chemistry and Physics Lab at Barrow High School

On the way to our field site, we passed the Barrow High School football team practicing on their astroturf field. The team must fly to play its opponents from all over the state. They will host three home games this season, including this Saturday's head-to-head against Valdez.

The Barrow High School football team practices after school.

We'll keep today's entry brief for now, as I prepare for a live conference with students from Schwarz, and a lecture series to be presented here in Barrow on Saturday. Stay tuned for a report from the permafrost gridiron,


Question for Students

Think about the school uniform required at Schwarz. Now imagine yourself as an administrator at Barrow High School, where winter temperatures often fall to -20 F and colder. Establish a uniform policy for your students, and explain why a uniform at Barrow might be different than one at Schwarz. 


Weather in Barrow

High: 46 degrees F

Low: 40 degrees F

Precipitation: none

Sunrise: 5:31 AM

Sunset: 11:27 PM

% Humidity: 93

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