Nearing the end of this trip we all went to bed knowing this would be one of the last days we would see each other. Nobody wanted to wake up, but we all knew we needed to. When we were all ready to get up and go we left for the Cantina for breakfast. Breakfast was eggs, bacon, and toast, accompanied with a team meeting on what we were going to do today. With the finishing of breakfast we headed back to our building.

    When we got back, we packed our lunch and saw a presentation given by Dr. Lisa Pratt and Sarah Cadieux of Indiana University. Their presentation was about the relation between Greenland and Mars, and what they can learn from Greenlandic lakes. After the presentation, we all drove out near Long Lake and hiked up a very steep hill to get to another lake, called Pontitella, where we would do tests for methane.

    After getting into the waders Fred and I (Ronin) were ready to squish around in the very soft mud to collect the methane in the funnel setup we had. We got thoroughly stuck in the muck several times, but eventually we had collected enough methane. Next, it was time to test the methane out in the middle of the lake. So we crawled and fought our way out of the lake, and we traded places with the people in the boats and paddled our way out into the middle of the lake, being very careful not to tip over. Out in the lake we were testing for methane, dissolved oxygen, the pH, and the temperature.

    After a couple hours of work, covered in mud and mosquito bites, we enjoyed a very bumpy ride home where we changed into some clothes that weren’t caked in mud. After we changed we ordered our food and went to eat at the Thai restaurant once again. After dinner, we gathered to have one of the last meetings we will ever have together again. Lastly, we signed shirts, talked to each other, and eventually went to bed. A wonderful end to a wonderful day.