The stacks of zucchini and cartons of blueberries probably are not what you'd expect on the kitchen table of someone preparing to depart for a PolarTREC expedition to the Bering Sea next week. To me, it makes perfect sense. I couldn't pass by the mountains of fresh fruits and vegetables at the international market without imagining them as spicy pickles or anise-flavored jam.

    Lee, pickles and jam
    Lee Teevan shows off her canning accomplishment.
    The art of food preservation is one I've been learning from my neighbor, Mr. Beasley. Each summer, we discuss what we'll be canning and share recipes. A few summers ago, I gave him a quart of green beans I had just canned.
    He held the jar with both hands and spoke, eyes on the jar, "You picked these fresh. You canned these beans at the peak of their freshness."

    Stories, like food, are essential to our experience and the best stories are also preserved at the height of their freshness.

    Soon I will be on a PolarTREC expedition and I will be selecting from what I experience to preserve and share with the public. By doing so, I hope to whet your appetite for scientific research and adventure. I'll be writing journals throughout the cruise about what it's like to be part of a research team on a cruise in the east Bering Sea. Please ask questions and give your feedback. And, no, I have no plans for making pickled jellyfish!

    Can we go?
    Lee Teevan's felines impede her packing progress.

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    Jennifer Baldacci

    Looking forward to reading about your experience, Lee. Have a great time, and learn lots.

    Adeena Teres

    I went to a restaurant last weekend where they had a jellyfish salad. If you get a chance to try one I highly recommend it. Your cats are adorable. They both look so comfy. Have a great time.

    Judy Fahnestock

    LOVE this journal! (and I want to know what you canned). Already looking forward to more journals. Happy packing!

    Rebecca Harris

    I totally do this too! Sometimes it makes more sense to can than to pack? Good luck... I love your writing and am looking forward to more!

    Lenore Teevan

    Thanks, Jennifer! I am enjoying reading your journals. Bon voyage en afrique!Take care,

    Lenore Teevan

    Thank you, Adeena! I'll take your advice and try the jellyfish salad.  Should I use ketchup? I enjoyed reading your journals.Take care,


    Lenore Teevan

    Thanks, Judy.  I canned zucchini pickles and star anise-flavored blueberry jam.  I'm planning on canning tomatoes before leaving.Take care,


    Lenore Teevan

    Hi Rebecca, I agree--I do a lot of planning while canning! I am looking forward to hearing about your trip.  Safe travels!Take care,


    Lisa Seff

    Hi Lee! I love your preserving analogy! I went to how-to preserves/canning weekend last summer, so much yummy fun. Bring at least one jar of those blueberries with you.(:
    Looking forward to learning more about the Arctic jellies!
    take care and safe seas! Lisa

    Lenore Teevan

    Thanks, Lisa! I wish you all the best on your expedition.Take care,