Speed 0.7 knots
    Course 142°
    Location Erebus and Terror Gulf (-63.901375, -56.48565667)
    Depth 423 meters

    In case you missed my PolarConnect event, you can watch it at http://www.polartrec.com/polar-connect/archive


    We are still in pack ice and are waiting for better visibility before trying to back and ram through ice today. The major excitement of today was the ship's Foosball Championship. Craig Smith and Paulo Sumida were the champions of the 16-team tournament.

    Craig Smith and Paulo Sumida playing foosball

    Easter Egg Decoration

    On Sunday, we celebrated Easter by having a giant Easter egg hunt with candy hidden in plastic eggs around the ship. We also decorated Easter eggs in the lab with crayons and dye that someone had brought from home.

    Decorating Easter Eggs
    Decorating Easter Eggs


    Watching movies is another enjoyable way to spend time when we are off shift. Everyone gets cozy on the couches for a couple hours before bed.

    Movie watching
    Relaxing in the lounge watching a movie

    Dance Party

    A few days ago we decided it was time to have a little fun and throw a dance party in the lounge. This is all of us singing and dancing to YMCA. I especially appreciated the fact that we had hard hats for the song.

    Dance Party
    Dance Party (photo courtesy of Andrew Seraichick)


    Recently, a ping-pong table was recently set up in a hanger so people have begun practicing in preparation for the ship ping-pong tournament. I'm sure it will be just as popular as the one for foosball.

    Andrew Seraichick and Liz Bucceri playing ping-pong

    Erebus and Terror Gulf
    Weather Summary
    Snowing and windy, but much warmer
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