The South Pole has been the most amazing, unique, fun, cold, beautiful, and awesome place I've ever been. I spent years applying to PolarTREC, and then years waiting when the pandemic hit - and two weeks feels WAY too short when you're living out your dream.

    My Last Days at Pole

    I spent my last few days at the South Pole finishing out projects and tying up with all the people I had met here. I also tried to have as much fun as possible which meant playing a lot of cribbage! Lastly, I tried to go all the places I hadn't gone yet and I found my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE place at the South Pole. It is called "The End of the World" because there are no more buildings beyond it. No flags. Nothing. Just ice.

    Three people playing cribbage
    Cribbage! It's got a strong following here :) Photo by Elaine Krebs.
    The sun over an expanse of white ice.
    It's seriously the end of the world! Photo by Elaine Krebs.

    I finished your postcards!

    It was down to the wire but we did it! My amazing posse of Alisa, Luis, and Justin pitched in and helped address and stamp all 700 of them! They have been dropped off at the post office and should be on their way to you!

    Two people putting stamps on postcards
    My amazing assembly line team! Seriously couldn't have finished without them! Photo by Elaine Krebs.

    Elaine holds a stack of postcards
    All your postcards! Photo by Luis Gonzalez.

    Goodbyes :(

    I will be honest. I was late to the the plane because I was procrastinating saying goodbye. A lot of tears were shed hugging the crew that came to see me off. And my AMAZING friends walked all the way out to the runway to see me off until the last possible second.

    The South Pole is like a pressure cooker. For me, it was in the best way possible. I became so close to people SO fast. I still cannot believe how many memories I made and how much fun I had with people I met days ago. I still tear up thinking about it.

    I'm still processing just exactly how, but I know I have been forever changed by this experience.

    Three people waving in front of the South Pole Station
    Bye friends :(

    I am currently at McMurdo Station awaiting a flight "off the ice" to New Zealand Monday the 23rd.

    Weather Summary
    Frozen tears :(
    Wind Speed
    9 MPH
    Wind Chill
    -50 F