It's midnight. We have a boat. We have our survival suits. We have water skis.We have what???? That's right! Water skis!

    Ever since we noticed the water skis at the French station, we just knew . . . we had to try it.

    Ski Kongsfjorden!
    'NASA Phil' waterskiing in the midnight sun.

    Hey, I float!
    It's a good thing, cuz I can't ski. Need more practice I guess.

    They must think we're crazy.
    8000 people on that cruise ship. Zero doing this!


    Just so you know . . . real scientists don't just sit around in lab coats looking in microscopes all the time. They have fun! Especially polar geoscientists!

    Keep checking in. You'll see that our lab coats are big orange survival suits. Our data is collected from a small boat in front of a 60 meter tall glacier. And we do look at things under a microscope. Things that are found in chunks of centuries old ice at the bottom of a glacier.

    Next up: A cowboy walking on the bottom of a glacier. (No, I didn't hit my head waterskiing.)