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We have arrived in Germany! Unfortunately our luggage has not! Oh well… at least this time I am not dependant on lots of heavy clothing for survival. Of course with Eyjafallajokull, the Icelandic Volcano we almost did not make it. As we flew across the English Channel this AM I was able to see a high altitude brown haze on the horizon which according to the London VAAC must have been the ash plum.
Ash cloudEast coast of England with volcanic ash cloud.

Ash Map
After our arrival we checked into our hotel then walked down to the University of Cologne. This was a wonderful time to meet a few new people and renew acquaintances with many of my friends from Lake E. Since the conference does not get underway until tomorrow, Elaine and I walked through the historic section of downtown Cologne. We walked under the medieval town wall and gate…
Town gateMedieval Cologne wall and gate
…down to the Rhine River and the Cologne Cathedral. (The second largest Christian Church in the world)

Dom KolnCathedral of Cologne
Before we toured the Cathedral we passed through an ancient Roman gate that dates from year 50 C.E.
Roman GateHow many people have passed through this gate that was build in the year 50?

TMart... from Cologne
After only an hour or two of sleep on the plane last night, I hope to sleep well tonight… I will write more after some rest.