Camp at Lake Fryxell
    Campsite at Lake Fryxell.

    I have been home for almost two weeks. Here are videos I have put together from footage while on the expedition.

    Our first attempt to get from New Zealand to Antarctica got "Boomeranged". Check out this video to learn from New Zealand Air Force Officer Ryan George what it means to be "Boomeranged".

    Here is video footage from our 2nd, and successful attempt to get to the ice. You will even be able to climb onboard Ivan the Terra Bus.

    Here is a video of me testing an "Antarctic Survival Capsule" which was the winning design from a technology class from American Fork Junior High. Watch this video to see how it did against some of the conditions Antarctica might throw at it.

    Here is a fun video of the animals we were studying. These shots are from Dr. Thomas Powers (Topper's) camera. See how many different types of animals you can find.