Lars Berg Larsen, the Field operation Manager of NEEM took us on a field trip on our last day in Greenland. He said we were going to the "ice edge". At first, we saw so many giant hills of rocks and a lot of boulders.

    Not a tree in sight
    Every place you looked was brown, all different shades of brown

      Evidence of glacial rocks were everywhere you looked.

    Lars Berg Larsen, our field mager and "Tour Guide"
    This was one big boulder left by the glacier

    Every once in a while there was a small patch of purple flowers peaking out. He said the whole area will be purple in a week or so.

    How can this flower grow in these rocks?
    Soon the fields will be covered with these flowers

    We drove about 30 minutes and saw something white on the horizon. It looked like clouds from a distance.  This was the first sighting of Russell GlacierA mass of ice that persists for many years and notably deforms and flows under the influence of gravity..

    Black ice
    The ice picks up a lot of earth as it pushes its' way across the land

    Does it look like it's growing or retreating?The whole area of Kangerlussuaq is very dry and dusty. Can you find evidence of that in this picture?

    Russell Glacier, Kangerlussuaq
    Another example of black ice.Check out the layers!

    We stopped and had a picnic and this was our view. Fabulous!

    This was one of my favorite spots
    Can you believe this was where I had a picnic?

    Next Lars wanted to show us another glacier that is calving (breaking off). We had to drive on a sandy, windy road and I was worried we wouldn't make it. Another 30 minutes later, these pictures are what we saw!

    Ice cliff near Kangerlussuaq
    Check out the old blue ice


    This was several stories high
    Do you see the crevasses in the ice?

    One more picture
    I wanted you to see the old ice that had fallen down a little lower

    Get out! I'm not in Kansas any more!

    Calving of ice cliff
    We saw chunks of ice that looked like blue ice cubes floating in the water

    These two caves had water rushing out of them
    Lars said these were not here last week so it is melting fast

    Thank you Lars for taking us on such a great field trip on our very last day!

    Compare my height to the size of this boulder
    No lifting happening here

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