Today was my PolarConnect event, and it was great to have the opportunity to share my experiences with attendees. There were some great questions asked, and I am grateful to the scientists who attended and shared their enthusiasm and expertise. One of the biggest positives I have experienced on this expedition is the willingness of the scientists and students to share their research. I have so many things now to use in the classroom, and I'm excited to be seeing my students in a few weeks.

    We are headed toward Kodiak Island where the crew of the Healy will conduct some training operations. I am surrounded by the natural beauty of Alaska and still reflecting on the discoveries of the expedition.

    The Aleutian Islands may be seen in the distance.

    Aleutian Islands
    Aleutian Islands in the distance.
    Notice the birds feeding in the water churned up as Healy travels toward Kodiak, AK.
    Birds feeding
    Notice the birds feeding in the water churned up as Healy moves toward Kodiak.


    If you missed today's PolarConnect, it will soon be archived on the PolarTREC website. (

    Question and Answer

    What have you learned about the Arctic through my expedition?

    Weather Summary
    Beautifully sunny
    13.78 C (56.80 F); Water Temperature 13.271 C