I’ve spent 5 weeks here in Healy, AK. at the University of Florida Schuur Lab Research Site. Time has gone by quickly. As you can see…little has changed.

    Field Cabin Trail
    Here I am on my first day at the University of Florida field cabin in Healy.

    Field Cabin Trail
    Here I am on my last day at the University of Florida field cabin in Healy.

    This last week was supposed to have been spent setting up CiPEHR for summer season data collection. However, winter has decided to stick around awhile. We did manage to pull the solar panels, computers that run the chambers, air compressors and pneumatic lines out of storage and set them up. We uncovered chambers at the On-site plots and prepared them for testing. The chambers we laid out at the front of the plots, connected them to the computers, pneumatic lines and compressors then tested them to make sure the doors opened automatically.

    On-plot A
    Laying out computer, air compressor, chambers and pneumatic lines on On-plot site A at CiPEHR. Catherine Johnston is re-shoveling walkways in the foreground as is Kirsten K. Coe in the background. John Krapek is checking the computer.

    After shoveling the wooden walkways at the On-site plots three times we decided to just wait for winter to run its extended course.

    Here the wind has blown snow back into walkways at On-plot Site B that were shoveled two days ago.

    The past few days we have continued data collection as well as replacing data cards in the loggers at the Eddy Tower as well as the On-plot and Off-plot Sites.

    Off-plot Site
    Here I am on my last day finishing up collecting data on the Off-plot Site at CiPEHR.

    On-plot A
    John Krapek collects data from On-plot Site A.

    Data Download
    Elizabeth Webb downloads the soil temperature and moisture data from the Off-plot Site (snow pits) at CiPEHR.

    Returning from CiPEHR
    Here I am leaving CiPEHR for the last time this 2013 winter season.

    In addition, Kirsten, Elizabeth and John have been working at the cabin managing data. The data that has accumulated through the past season needs to be organized and put in a place other researchers from the Schuur Lab can access for additional and ongoing projects. Some initial analysis has been completed with tentative conclusions showing continue CO2 emissions overall from the warmed tundra.