Sun set on the Southern Ocean
A final sunset on the Southern Ocean on the way home.

The Fish Spy and I have returned home safely, in one piece, and are already planning our next adventure. Dr. O'Brien and Dr. Crockett want us to design something for their next trip down to the ice that would enable them to film some time lapsed photography in the depths. Sounds like a great challenge. They are back in their labs analyzing the data from this trip which, whatever they find, will be of interest and informative. The search for the secrets of the ice fish continue. I thought I would leave you with this great story that the National Science Foundation posted on their website. The Fish Spy has gained some national attention! Her builders/engineers should be very proud of themselves.

As for me - thanks for following along and we'll see you on the next journey!! Until then, enjoy this live footage of the Fish Spy in the wilds of the Southern Ocean and a few parting photos...

Shadows on the Gould
Hey Look!! Shadows...that means sun! It felt great to feel the warmth of the high sun again.

Melting snow on the Gould
Another sign that we are heading North - the snow and ice began melting as we headed back to Chile.

West Antarctic Peninsular Area
See the difference in the sun intensity. This was taken as we left Palmer Station and headed into the Southern Ocean. It was about 10am when this shot was taken.

Mountains of the Western Antarctic Peninsula
One final shot from the Antarctic before I sign off. We had a nice farewell scene as we set sail to return home.

ARSV Laurence M. Gould docked in Punta Arenas, Chile
Here is the Gould docked in Punta Arenas, Chile. Taking a rest before she heads north too.

Weather Summary
High Sun and Genuine Heat