Wow! What a week! I'm here at the Westmark Hotel, in Fairbanks, Alaska are in the middle of our 2010 Orientation and ShareFair.  It's been very exciting to meet all the new teachers and see how they are adjusting to the fact that they will soon be heading out to the Polar Regions. 

    It's been a very exciting year for us as we received 4 years of funding from the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs to continue PolarTREC for another 4 years!  We look forward to continuing offering research experiences for teachers with polar researchers both in the Arctic and Antarctic.  We also are excited that we'll have time to rework the interface for the users of the PolarTREC website and additional activities and tools to make the experience richer for all involved.

    If you have questions about PolarTREC and what we hope to do in the next few years, please let us know!

    We look forward to the next 4 years!