Aloha e aloha e
    'Ano 'ai ke aloha e Aloha ae aloha e
    A nu ay ki aloha e

    There's no place I'd rather be
    Then on my surfboard out at sea
    Lingering in the ocean blue
    And If I had one wish come true
    I'd surf till the sun sets
    Beyond the horizon

    Thanks Lilo and Stitch for the song theme.

    Meet Katrina
    Meet Katrina

    Meet Katrina

    Katrina is an 8th grade student, whom I have had the pleasure of teaching for the last two and a half years. Katrina is a SoTRE. A SoTRE is a Student of Teacher of Researcher Experiences. Katrina has come all the way from Florida to present two posters at the Ocean Science Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii

    Too Salty for You
    Too Salty for You

    One of the posters is her own scientific research, "Too Salty for You". She presented this poster in the Youth Poster Session. The other poster was a co-creation that explains what being a SoTRE has meant to her and her school mates. The SoTRE poster was co-created with Ace and Emily and was presented in the main poster session.*

    SoTRE Poster
    SoTRE Poster: SoTRE, Students of Teacher Researcher Experiences with Katrina, Ace, Mrs. Eubanks and Emily

    Poster Sessions

    By: Katrina Y
    February 2014

    Setting Up the Poster
    Katrina sets up her poster moments before the crowds come...

    Posters, posters everywhere!! As soon as you walk in thousands of people surround all these boards that were once empty. As I am setting up my poster people are already starting to crowd. Once I was done I looked around to see who I can talk to. Next thing I know a woman I have never seen before walks up to me. She told me her name was Kathy and that she was my mentor. She offered me advice and I asked "how do I become more confident while speaking?" **Sadly she said it was just through **practice and I only had about five minutes before people would start coming around.

    Poster Session Chatter

    The time has come. I have my first visitor and I have to give my presentation. I felt like the room just got a thousand times hotter. I finally finished and I feel a wave of relieve wash over me. As the poster session went on and more people came to my poster, I gained confidence. By the end of the night I felt like a pro.


    EXTRA CREDIT . Watch Katrina's video. What is she trying to find out? What did she find out? List 3 personal thoughts about her project. email to me at eeubanks [at] for extra credit.




    Great job! Very interesting work. Very proud! So excited for you! Mrs. Charne


    Way to go, Katrina! But I can't find your journal to read and grade.Ms. G


    Way to go, Katrina! But I can't find your journal to read and grade.Ms. G


    Way to go, Katrina! But I can't find your journal to read and grade.Ms. G