Yes, time is slipping into the future and tomorrow I will be flying like an Eagle (thanks to Steve Miller for that one!)

    Amazing – it’s time to go. Time always seems to fly by when you are having fun. I have been enjoying springtime fun with students, family and friends and preparing for this adventure.

    Let’s see what I have been doing since I was in Alaska last…

    Builders Club, which I am in charge of at my school, participated in St. Baldrick’s to help fight Children’s Cancer Research – we raised $4,000 and over 25 students/teachers either shaved their heads or got their hair cut for Locks of Love. We honor Savanah Fry and Quintin Betancur, cancer survivors.

    I went to Boston with NOAA to the NSTA, saw many Polar people and advertised for NOAA and for PolarTREC.

    NOAA booth at NSTA

    Jackie Hamm and I work at the NOAA booth representing NOAA Teachers at Sea and PolarTREC

    I won the coveted award Dwyer Award in Palm Beach County for Excellence in Teaching – thanks to The Education Foundation and the Economic Council of Palm Beach County.

    I met with St. Mark Teachers about a POLAR YEAR of study and met with diocosin teachers about PolarTREC and NOAA. I also contacted many teachers within the public school system both in Palm Beach county, Florida and Baldwin County, Alabama.

    I went to New Orleans to bury my Uncle Bubby – Bless him – He died during a scuba diving trip in Mexico at 70yrs + – Go Uncle Bubby! Bless you Aunt Betty! I also traveled to Key West and Alabama. In Alabama, I got to see migratory birds at Fort Morgan and Dauphin Island, Alabama.

    I have had the honor to work with the press. See the Newsroom on I contacted libraries and our summer sports program who will host the two webinars I will participate in.

    Field trips, the Earth Day Extravaganza, Career Day, regular lessons, and 8th grade graduation were part of spring learning as well.

    I did some PolarTREC homework, my Needs Assessment. This is a written plan of self-reflection about my hopes for my trip and my classroom/school as a result of the trip.

    I created a pod cast – this was fun! You can download PolarTREC pod casts from I tunes. Go to I tunes store. Search for free pod casts and type in PolarTREC. Listen to all of them, they are great! I will make one with my students in the fall.

    I taught my 8th graders how to Learn to Return. It was fun seeing them try to slide into garbage bags!

    St. Mark Catholic School 8th Graders Learn to Return
    Students were taught how to make the best rain jackets out of a simple garbage bag. Why is the black color such a great idea?

    Our class talked about what my life on the Arctic Circle would be like.

    I am the sun with 8th grade class
    It takes some explaining for all of us to

    Students think about what my life will be like as a polar scientist and what their lives would be like if they were a scientist.

    Emily Guinan of 6th grade wants to be a Forensic Scientist
    Students did prep work for the Polar Year Kick Off. They thought about what I would be doing in the field and what they would like to be if they were a research scientist. Scanned by Annette Miko

    Chelsey  thinks I will be watching birds while some man teaches me how to measure gases!
    Students did prep work for the Polar Year Kick Off. They thought about what I would be doing in the field and what they would like to be if they were a research scientist. Scanned by Annette Miko

    Our school had a Polar Year Kick Off and Dr. Steve Oberbauer was our guest star. This was a lot of fun. Students dressed in warm weather gear of their own and gear that I was loaned by PolarTREC. Teachers made their own Learn to Return rain coats. Kids asked Dr. Oberbauer so many questions that we ran out of time for our featured film – Ice Age. They all got popsicles on their way out, good times!

    Dr. Oberbauer is our guest at the St. Mark Catholic School Polar Year kick off.
    Dr. Oberbuaer, polar scientist from Florida International Univerisy in Miami engages with St. Mark Catholic School students. The kids kept the questions coming for about an hour! Photo taken by Allison Sorkeness

    St. Mark Teachers Learn to Return
    St. Mark Catholic School Kicks Off our Polar Year, teachers practice making their own rain gear - Fun as you can see. Photo taken by Allison Sorkeness.

    I gave my students Summer Time Homework. They are all thrilled about this!

    Several students were interested in even more summer homework and we created The Alfalfa Germination project with the help of Dr. Oberbauer. I am so impressed that 18 kids want to take time to investigate this summer with me! We will be posting our data on line. Please see: Ask the Team for details.

    Okay this is quite enough. I am sure we have all been very busy since March 1.

    Now I pack and pack and add things and remove things. My goal is to have my bags ready by 8pm EDT.

    I am excited and nervous and am savoring my time with my husband and dog.

    I leave in a little over 12 hours and I will…

    See you at from the Top!


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