As I get ready to head home, I wanted to share a couple more videos I made.

    The Cutest Squirrel

    This one was a squirrel we released and the whole thing took place while we were still exactly in position. Cory didn't even have time to close the trap before she came back out of her burrow. We just stood in place for about three minutes while she grabbed some carrot and carried on like we weren't there. I've fast forwarded through parts to make it shorter. It's adorable.

    Tail flick

    Ms. Harris, this is the tail flick communication you asked about. I'm still not sure of the meaning, but glad to show you in a super cute way.

    Digging for food

    This short clip shows an Arctic ground squirrel digging for natural food. I was glad to see them fend for themselves and not just wait around for our carrots.