13 September 2018 "Part of the Team"

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One of my PolarTREC

One of my PolarTREC scientists is at that school. I’m jealous you got to visit.

John Rand
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Antarctic pourney

Hey Mike. It was fun to catch up on your journal as you prepare to journey south. A while back I had the pleasure of accompanying some of Dr Lazzara's team to Cape Hallett to service an AWS there. An amazing experience to be a LONG way away from home. You mentioned you'll be visiting South Pole. Do you anticipate being able to accompany the team to any other places? I also see that your schedule has you flying back to New Zealand at a time when only the Hercs will be flying. HaHa, let the fun begin. Best Wishes John

Antarctic Journey

John, Thanks for the check in! I'm on the team to go and do whatever they need me to do, wherever they need me to do it. I can't be more ready to get going. There is a long list of AWS to be serviced and I think there is at least one to be installed. They are all over the map. The team has been very accommodating and available to train me and answer my questions, so I feel like I will be an asset (or at least not an anchor). Yes, I was told the return flight would be in a 130. I'm no stranger to Hercs, I was a paratrooper a long time ago, so I have a few more take-offs than I have landings in C-130s...but you are right. Fun is not a word I'd use to describe long C-130 flights! Regards, Mike

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Location: AMRC
Weather Summary: Sunny
Temperature: 70 degrees F.
Wind Speed: Light winds from the West

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