I’m back here in Washington DC completing my Einstein Fellowship, but continue to reflect on my experience in Greenland. My time in Greenland went by quickly, so I will continue to post journals about the IceBridge project in the coming weeks. I’m currently working on a series titled “The People of IceBridge”. The upcoming journal series will look at the various instruments on board the P-3 Aircraft and the people that make it all work. In my final days in Greenland I had the opportunity to interview many of the people involved with the project, and these video interviews will be part of the upcoming journal series. The people of IceBridge discuss their role with the project, and their own unique career path to get there, making the videos an excellent resource for students considering their own potential future career paths.

    For now I’ll share with you my glimpse of the land we call Greenland as seen through my eyes.

    My favorite spots to sit (other than the cockpit), a crate next to one of the few windows in the fuselage of the P-3 aircraft.

    As I sat on the crate starring out the window at some of the most incredible views known to man, I started thinking about how I might capture and share what I was experiencing. So I started writing … something I’ve not done in quite a while. The collage and creative words below are the result of my reflective thought and attempt to capture what my senses were experiencing.

    I hope this simple collogue along with the creative writing below will allow you to share on a more personal level in this incredibly unique experience.


    Greenland … Whiteland with blue eyes,

    You could travel endlessly on her,

    You could sleep for an eternity inside,

    The quiet landscape held back by the thunder of mountains,

    Whiteland … to the blind an empty canvass,

    To the seer, scars of millions of years,

    Whiteland … A living circle surrounding eternity,

    Welcome to Greenland.