Two days into PolarTREC orientation now, and gaining lots of great skills. I’m learning a bit about IPhoto, IChat, instant messaging using Meebo, and journaling through the PolarTREC site. Lot’s of new stuff and I’m already thinking about how these new skills can be used to significantly enhance the learning environment.

    I also attended a couple presentations about polar science in the Arctic and the Antarctic. From the Ice fish with white blood in the Arctic to the coldest place on the planet … the Antarctic with a record low temperature of -129 F … wow … that’s cold!!! The Polar Regions are amazing places. I’m learning to see these remote sites as indicators of the health of planet Earth, and the scientist who study them as terrestrial physicians … doctors for the planet … looking at the symptoms and coming up with a treatment and prognosis.

    Watching and Waiting ... the Northern Lights

    I spent time today watching the weather too … looking for a clearing and hoping for a chance to see the famed Northern Lights from Alaska!

    It was exciting to see clear sky at 5:00 PM this afternoon. A beautiful full Moon!

    Clear sky and a full Moon in Fairbanks. Now I just wait for the Northern Lights!l

    But the aurora forecast isn’t looking that great for Fairbanks this evening. I’ll keep watching and hoping for the best. If not tonight I still have four more nights here in Fairbanks to try and catch “the show”! The graphic below can be found at

    Aurora Oval
    The graphic is provided by the Geophysical Institute and shows the current location of possible aurora activity. Not looking good for Fairbanks this evening.

    Fairbanks, Alaska
    Weather Summary
    Clear and cold
    Wind Speed
    Wind Chill