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    From March 23 – April 19, 2013:

    Miles flown commercially: 16,000

    Miles flown with OIB: 12,000

    Total combined miles: 28,000

    Number of times vomited on the P-3: 0.5 (It only came up my throat.)

    Countries visited: 4 (US, Canada, Switzerland, and Denmark – Greenland doesn’t count – it’s still a Danish territory for now)

    Cities visited: 9 (Chicago, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Seattle, Washington DC, Zurich, Copenhagen, Kangerlussuaq, and Toronto)

    Number of Greenland Minutes: 17 – and here’s the 17th: http://

    Miles run: 33

    Pushups: 2,100 (I’m sort of in this Facebook group that is doing push ups ... a lot of push ups.)

    Journals written: 29

    Words written: 16,467

    Page views: 8613

    Unique page views: 6769

    Avg. time on page: 2:24

    Videos: 39

    Views on YouTube: 2,214

    Pictures taken: more than 3,000 (I had to start dumping them and did not keep an exact count)

    Pictures used in journals: 311

    Average hours slept per night: 5

    Average number of cups of coffee per day: 6 (I have a serious problem now … but admitting it is the first step)

    Movies watched: 2

    TV watched: 0

    Books read: 0

    Number of times someone started speaking Danish to me thinking I was Danish: 31

    Number of times someone started speaking Greenlandic to me: 0

    Classes connected to while in Greenland: 16

    Students in those classes: 450

    Teachers in those classes: 30

    Kids pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math careers because of those connections: you never know, but that doesn’t mean you stop trying

    Tears shed over not being able to hug my family at night: 113

    Pizzas eaten for dinner in Kangerlussuaq: 12

    Times muskox was eaten for dinner: 4 (twice on pizza)

    Number of awesome 'fly-arounds' created by Matt Linkswiler: 1 (click on the hyperlink to download the .kmz file and you'll experience one of the actual missions I flew - requires Google Earth) Fly Around using Google Earth

    Number of times I realized how lucky I was to have had such a great experience with such brilliant people: 1,398 … and counting.

    Bristol, Wisconsin, USA
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    mostly sunny
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