Since its establishment in 2004, PolarTREC has facilitated immersive field research experiences in the Arctic and Antarctica, bringing educators and researchers together to create unique professional development opportunities for educators and to inspire their students. Our program, created by the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States, has enabled educators to work closely with scientists, participate in fieldwork and data collection, and share their experiences with their students and the broader public. With a focus on fostering long-term collaborations and mutual learning, PolarTREC has significantly impacted science education throughout the United States, transforming how STEM subjects are taught and increasing awareness of the polar regions' role in the Earth's climate system. As the program comes to a close, we invite you to continue learning about the polar regions by reading journals, viewing photos, and accessing polar-focused resources. Stay connected by joining the polar education list and following us on social media, as we will continue to build and support our polar educator and researcher network.

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For over two decades, PolarTREC has been bridging the gap between educators and researchers in polar science expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica. This transformative initiative facilitated countless collaborations, forged powerful connections between educators and scientists, and ignited a passion for scientific understanding. As of 31 May 2023, PolarTREC, administered by the Arctic Research Consortium of the US (ARCUS) has officially ended.

In celebration of the program, a video has been created featuring over 20 years of PolarTREC. The PolarTREC team invites you to view it on YouTube. We hope that you enjoy it as you witness firsthand the immersive experiences and educational opportunities created by the program.

The PolarTREC team would like to thank all who have participated in and supported the program for the last 20+ years. You can continue to stay informed about polar education news through the ARCUS website, social media and email lists. Reach out to us at education [at] arcus.org.

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STEM Report Published

Wormherder meetup, pre-deployment and Asilomar, CA

Exciting STEM Experience Report Alert!
Get ready to dive into an incredible STEM adventure with PolarTREC teacher Bill Henske, as he shares his research experience in the Dry Valleys Antarctica LTER project with Dr. Byron Adams. STEM reports are created by the PolarTREC participants after their research experience and highlight what they learned and how it has impacted their teaching. You can read Bill's report and all past program participants through the Resources section.

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