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How thick is the ice? How thick is the ship's hull?

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8. How thick is the hull on an ice breaker?  How thick is the ice that the ship must break?

From Mr. Harger himself 

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How thick is the ice? How

Mr. Harger,

For all the specs on the ship, please see the Canadian Coast Guard page on the Louis S. St-Laurent.

Rick Krishfield tells us: Icebreakers usually have 2 hulls, one inside the other with an air space in between.  I know that one icebreaker that I was on had a double hull with each hull that was 12 inch thick steel.  Icebreakers are usually constructed to break 3-4 m ice if possible.  Russian nuclear icebreakers are so powerful, that they can break even thicker ice.

 The St-Laurent is a class 100A icebreaker, also known as a "heavy ice breaker."  Here is an excellent description of the hull requirements for an icebreaker.