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Many of you have been inquiring about a 2015-2016 PolarTREC program. At this time, we do have have any funding to host a program for the 2015-2016 Arctic and Antarctica expeditions. We will continue to support our PolarTREC alumni of teachers and researchers as well as the remaining expeditions for 2014 and early 2015 to Antarctica. We hope you will continue to follow these amazing teachers and the research being conducted in the Polar Regions. All the resources, past photos, journals, and archives will remain available for you to access and use. Any questions or comments, can be directed to Sarah and Janet at info [at] polartrec [dot] com.

Antarctica Revisited

Antarctica Revisited website

Teacher and manager of education at Memphis' Pink Palace Museum, Alex Eilers, will be traveling back to Antarctica in November to study Weddell seals. Students and families are invited to join a variety of FREE learning activities before Eilers leaves. This year, there are a variety of activities for getting involved: Postcards from the Pole; Fly a Flag Over Antarctica; Get Fit Antarctica; and the Penguin and Seal Scavenger Hunt. For more information, visit AntarcticaRevisited.com and follow Alex and her team here.

Follow PolarTREC Teacher on FB & Twitter

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Look who is getting READY FOR ANTARCTICA! Follow Dominique Richardson on PolarTREC. Her expedition can be followed on PolarTREC as well as on FaceBook here and @EastAntarctica on Twitter!

New Report

Antarctic Science Journal

A roadmap for Antarctic and Southern Ocean science for the next two decades and beyond

Antarctic and Southern Ocean science is vital to understanding natural variability, the processes that govern global change and the role of humans in the Earth and climate system. The potential for new knowledge to be gained from future Antarctic science is substantial. Therefore, the international Antarctic community came together to ‘scan the horizon’ to identify the highest priority scientific questions that researchers should aspire to answer in the next two decades and beyond.

Research Experience for Teachers

NOAA ship Fairweather, photo by Dana Clark, NOAA TAS

Spread the word! The 2015 NOAA Teacher at Sea application is now online. They are NOW ACCEPTING applications for its 2015 Field Season. The deadline for applications--including letters of recommendation--is September 30, 2014 at 5 p.m. Eastern Time.
Preview the application:http://tinyurl.com/mbodjrm
Apply online here: http://tinyurl.com/l3txt9f
And if you're a TAS alum from 2013 or earlier, check out our alumni application: http://tinyurl.com/on4rba7

PEI International Polar Workshop

Polar Educators International

Exciting news! The registration for the PEI International Polar Workshop: Education Meets Science Bringing Polar Research into Classrooms is ready!

We hope you can join us in Hannover Germany, April 1-4, 2015. Start looking for funding now!

For more information, contact PEI: polareducators [at] gmail [dot] com

Report Released

A new report is now available on Arctic Research Support and Logistics: "Increasing Arctic Accessibility Over the Next Twenty Years”. The report was based on recommendations discussed at a workshop and with input from the broader community. It includes recommendations for sustaining and expanding logistics resources, capacity building, and opportunities for improved coordination of resources. The report is available free as a PDF.

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13 August 2014
Article about PolarTREC teacher Alex Eilers’ return expedition to study Weddell seals in the Ross Sea.