PolarTREC Online Course for Educators

Online Polar Science Courses come to a close

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our PolarTREC online polar professional development courses. We have wrapped up our series and hope that folks are able to access resources created through these courses by visiting the PolarTREC Learning Resources Collection as well as the PolarConnect Event Archives.

About the C-ISE Learning Community

An arctic sunset in Russia. Photo taken by PolarTREC Teacher Tim Martin. PolarTREC and ARCUS have partnered with the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Education to administer the Cyber-based Interdisciplinary Science Education (C-ISE) Learning Community. The goal of the C-ISE Learning Community is to provide professional development opportunities to educators through course materials and activities that utilize real-time connections with teachers and researchers working in the polar regions, genuine polar science data, and an innovative learning community which allows participants to jointly construct knowledge.

These courses are made up of three 1-credit modules offered in the spring, summer, and fall starting in March 2011. Annually, the modules will cover a specific polar science subject related to physical, earth, or life sciences. The course design allows K-12 educators, especially those who teach multiple subjects with fresh content related specifically to the subjects they are teaching. Each session is limited to 15 participants, and some scholarships will be available each semester.

Course content is administered by and developed in consultation with teachers well versed in transferring polar research to the classroom and polar scientists, especially early career polar scientists. Polar scientists interested in making contributions to the course should e-mail info [at] polartrec.com with your name, institution, location, and a brief description of area(s) of science expertise.

Upcoming Course:

Series is completed.

Course Syllabus:




DO NOT send registration forms to University of Alaska - Fairbanks. This form must be returned by fax or email to ARCUS. Contact information is available on the registration form.



A limited number of scholarships are available for participants on a needs-based basis. These will be available in the fall.

Scholarship applications must be completed at the time of registration. Applications must be submitted by E-Mail (info [at] polartrec.com) or by fax (907-474-1604). All fields are required.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often is the class offered?
It is offered three times a year, in the spring, fall, and summer.

How long is the course?
Completion of the course takes 3 weeks, and includes 2 - 3 internet/phone presentations in addition to asynchronous course work.

How many people can participate in the course?
In order to maximize interaction between instructors and participants, each module will be limited to the first 15 participants.

How many credits will I receive and how much does it cost?
Each course module is 1 credit. If you take all three modules, you could earn up to three credits within the year. The course is offered through the University of Alaska Fairbanks at the 500-level, and will cost approximately $90.00.

What happens to the lesson plan, lab plan, video, or PowerPoint I develop as a capstone project?
Final student projects will be reviewed by science content experts for accuracy, and then placed in the online PolarTREC Learning Resources database.

Is there a book or any required course materials?
No, the course will utilize primarily online resources and real-time presentations for content. Course participants will be expected to have access to a computer and internet to complete course-related materials.