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A package that includes a book, CD, and videotape to accompany "Looking Both Ways: Heritage and Identity of the Alutiq People" museum exhibit. Includes traditional use of marine resources: "Tools For Teachers" is a 32-page guide for exploring Alutiiq culture in the classroom (Grades 4 through 12). It may be used to prepare the class for a visit to the Looking Both Ways exhibition or to its virtual version on CD-ROM or at this web site. The guide also leads students to information in the exhibition catalog and the Tools for Teachers video.

The "Tools For Teachers" video is a 16-minute film narrated by Alutiiq Elders and asks the question, "What does it mean to be Alutiiq"? It was filmed in Kodiak, Alaska during planning for the "Looking Both Ways" exhibition. It may be used in conjunction with the Tools For Teachers book.

The "Looking Both Ways" CD-ROM contains all of the material on the "Looking Both Ways" web feature and launches from your web browser. For both PC and Mac users.