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We are really looking forward to the 2020-2021 field season for the PolarTREC teams!

This space is dedicated to information about the upcoming PolarTREC Orientation that is required for the educators that were selected for 2020. It's also a space for those that are interested and/or joining the Orientation to learn more about the logistics related to the training.

2020 PolarTREC Cohort
2020 PolarTREC Cohort

If you have questions about travel and logistics information. We are available for any questions or concerns via email staff [at] or you can contact Janet Warburton directly at 907-450-1612.


If you are wondering who is headed where and with whom, check out the Virtual Base Camp for all the details on upcoming expeditions. You can also download an Expedition Flier.


The 2020 PolarTREC orientation will be held at the University of Colorado’s East Campus in Boulder, Colorado, at the University’s Sustainability, Energy and Environment Community (SEEC). The orientation will be a 5-day event, Monday - Friday, 16-20 March with travel days on Sunday, 15 March and following the Orientation.

We will be meeting in SEEL 303 for the duration of the meeting. A map of SEEC is located here.

Complimentary breakfast will be offered through the hotel. Lunches will generally be catered at the meeting space where we hold Orientation. We will also have several group dinners throughout the week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. If you are planning on meeting a researcher (some teams live in the area), they are invited to join our group dinners but please let ARCUS staff know about their plans.


Participants will be staying at the Best Western Boulder Inn. Arrangements for all the participants have been made but if you are wishing to join us, please contact the ARCUS staff for more information.

Each suite has amenities including a refrigerator, coffeemaker, toaster, cable television, telephone, hairdryer, iron, and ironing board. Complimentary wireless Internet is available in each suite. The hotel has a coin-operated laundry room and a small fitness center. There is also a heated seasonal pool and hot tub on site.

ARCUS will be making your hotel reservations for you based on your plane ticket. Please let us know if you have any special requests (late check-in, personal travel associated with business travel, etc.), and we will do our best to accommodate you. Unfortunately, the orientation is intensive and spouses or other guests will not be permitted.

Your room charges (room and tax) will be covered and billed directly to ARCUS. Upon check-in, you will need to provide a personal credit card to the hotel which incidentals will be charged to.

Transportation to the Hotel

The Denver International Airport (DEN) is an approximate 45-minute drive from Boulder. A public bus from DEN to downtown Boulder runs around about once an hour. Information on transportation options, including driving directions, public bus, shuttle services, and taxi/Uber can be found at the Boulder website.

Rental cars will not be issued to participants as ARCUS will have two large passenger vans to use during Orientation for the group while in Boulder. We can’t meet you at the airport so please look at suggested options.


At Orientation, ARCUS will give you a Travel Voucher which is required for processing your reimbursement. Reimbursement will be provided approximately four weeks after the receipt of your voucher with all required receipts attached in digital format (preferred), or hard copy (if necessary).


  • Save boarding passes (original paper passes, photos of passes, or screen shots of digital passes) for submission with the Travel Voucher documents after completion of your trip.

  • Save all ground transportation receipts, baggage fee receipts, and lodging receipts.

  • Keep track of which meals you pay for during the trip (i.e. meals NOT provided by PolarTREC, ARCUS, or the hotel). You do not need to save meal receipts.

After Travel:

  • Complete and submit the Travel Voucher form as best as possible within 30 days of completion of travel. Make sure you sign the top portion on Page 1 (e-signatures are acceptable). For the per diem section, you only need to circle the meals you are requesting per diem for (i.e. the ones NOT provided by PolarTREC, ARCUS, or the hotel during travel).

  • Submit boarding passes, ground transportation receipts, baggage fee receipts, airfare receipts, and lodging receipts with the signed Travel Voucher via email to the ARCUS travel arranger.

  • If you’d prefer reimbursement via Direct Deposit rather than paper check, digitally complete and submit the Direct Deposit form. The address on the form must be your physical address and the account number must be the full account number for credit unions (not the member number).

  • All original receipts for meeting expenses must be submitted to ARCUS whether they were directly billed or you are being reimbursed. Your travel, accommodations, and meeting expenses will be covered by ARCUS either directly or on a reimbursable basis. Please retain all original receipts for airfare (including boarding passes and email confirmation if you are using ticketless travel), ground transportation, housing, and other business-related expenses. We do not need receipts for food/meals.

Per Diem

ARCUS does not reimburse specific meal costs, but rather pays per diem. The specific per diem you are paid is based on the city you are traveling to, or are visiting, and is determined by the current IRS per diem rates. If meals are provided to participants as part of the meeting, a pro-rated portion of the per diem is subtracted. 75 percent of a per diem reimbursement will be paid per travel day while you are in transit to and from Orientation. Per diem will be paid out with other reimbursement after the conference. For questions on per diem or other travel details email Kuba at kuba [at]


ARCUS will reimburse schools for substitute costs upon request. Schools need to request reimbursement for substitute costs by sending an invoice or letter on school letterhead to Janet Warburton (warburton [at] after Orientation, outlining the substitute costs incurred.


All educators that indicated they wanted a computer and camera will be receiving an assigned Mac computer and their cameras at Orientation and this will be checked out to you Monday afternoon. We encourage you not to bring any other computers with you as you will be taking this computer home with you after the Orientation. The exceptions to this are those that have already contacted us about using their own computers and/or alumni and staff attending the Orientation to assist in training. In these cases, please bring your own computer and associated cords and adapters.

As for cameras, we will have ARCUS cameras that will be assigned to individuals that indicated they need one on their technology webform. Please feel free to bring your own camera to use. Also, remember to leave room in your carry-on luggage to bring home check-out equipment.


Boulder is a lovely city that is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in northern Colorado. You will be arriving at the height of the downhill ski and snowboarding season.

The temperatures in Boulder in March are warm (for the Arctic!) and ranges from the 30's at night to the 50's and sometimes even 60’s during the day. We strongly encourage you to check the weather forecast before leaving and pack accordingly. Please pack casual, comfortable clothing that you can layer depending on the temperature and activity. We plan to arrange for a few short excursions to local points of interest, some of which will be outdoors, therefore warm clothing including hats, mittens, boots, and warm jackets is recommended. Due to the weather, bring sturdy walking shoes and some waterproof shoes (snow boots, rain boots, or other boots for mud/snow/slush).

If you have any specific questions about what to pack, feel free to email us. Cold weather apparel may be available for loan to participants coming from warmer climates. If you think you will need clothes, please let us know soon so that we can make sure that we will have everything ready for your arrival in Boulder.


You can download the agenda here.


The PolarTREC Orientation hosted by ARCUS, is committed to maintaining a safe, welcoming, and trusted meeting environment capable of supporting meaningful community dialogue and the professional exchange of information and ideas. To help promote these conditions, all Orientation participants are expected to adhere to the PolarTREC Orientation Code of Conduct. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to communicate that sexual harassment, other forms of harassment, and sexual assault will not be tolerated, and every conference participant is expected to conduct themselves in a professional, respectful, and responsible manner at all times. This Code of Conduct applies to all affiliated people and events relating to the PolarTREC Orientation 2020, including those sponsored by other organizations. Download the 2020 PolarTREC Orientation Code of Conduct.


We're looking forward to meeting you very soon in Boulder for the PolarTREC Orientation! If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: staff [at]

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