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Dieuwertje Kast was nominated for the Forbes 30 under 30 in Science honor and the La Canada Outlook profiled the award and included a 2 paragraph description of her PolarTREC Expedition to the Arctic.

The paragraph included the following quote: Kast is an eager traveler who this summer will join an expedition to the Arctic with the PolarTREC program. In the midst of all-day daylight, she will help investigate microbial ecology. “There, in the permafrost, is soil that has been frozen for a long time, but with climate change it’s getting warmer and it’s melting a lot faster, so the bacteria have a lot more to eat,” she said. “And when they eat, they also breathe, and when they breathe, they make much more carbon dioxide. And if all the permafrost was gone, you’d double the amount of carbon dioxide [in the world] just from them doing that alone.”

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