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Louise Huffman
Bill Grosser
1 large plastic bin ¾ full of water and ice to serve as the ocean
1 blubber glove (see directions for their construction)
1 data sheet
2 thermometers
2 baby food jars with 1/8 cup of room temperature water in each
1 gallon size plastic food storage bag
Heating pad
2 gallon-sized food storage bags with the zip strips—not a zipper
1/4 to 1/3 can of vegetable shortening
Duct tape
General Life Science
Life Science
Organisms and Their Environments
Polar Science
General Polar Science

Students experiment with a “blubber glove” to experience how insulation affects heat transfer, and how the adaptation of blubber helps penguins as well as seals, whales and walruses survive in bitterly cold waters.

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