Thank you for your interest in hosting an educator on your field research project. Your commitment to linking polar research with education is an important contribution to both the research and education communities and the goals of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Due to Covid-19, the deployment of all the 2020 PolarTREC educators to both the Arctic and Antarctica has been postponed until spring 2022. We will continue working with all the teams over the next year and in preparation for 2022.

This also means that we will not have an application period in the summer/fall of 2022 since we already have all of our educators chosen for expeditions during the 2022 field season.

We are always open to hearing from researchers wanting to host an educator. Please contact us at info [at] to discuss the opportunities.

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If you are interested in hosting an educator in the future field seasons, we ask that you contact PolarTREC Program Managers first at info [at] to discuss your research project and the timing of our selection process. After this, we will ask you to submit an application. You can find more information about the program online through the following PolarTREC program documentation:

We look forward to hearing from you!