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Authors: Kristin Timm and Janet Warburton


The SACNAS News showcases the science and diversity of SACNAS members while sharing their research, stories, and experiences. Each issue of the bi-annual digital publication features in-depth coverage of current issues within the scientific community, celebrates the achievements and contributions of our members, and provides resources for academic and professional development. Written by and about SACNAS scientists, the SACNAS News is truly the voice of the SACNISTA movement.

You can access additional SACNAS News articles in their archive but the 2009 article is not available. Photocopy available with this product page; staff is working on providing a higher quality copy.

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Citation: Timm, K. & Warburton, J. 2009. Using Interdisciplinary Polar Research to Enrich Teachers and Classrooms. SACNAS News . Winter/Spring 2009 Volume 11 No. 2 pp. 8 - 10.