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Hanover, Germany

A conference hosted by Polar Educators International "Education Meets Science" in Hannover, Germany 1-4 April 2015. Educators, scientists and interested people from around the world continue collaborations from previous conferences (Oslo 2010, Montreal 2012, and Coimbra 2013). PolarTREC alumni and staff presented on their polar education experiences, as well as participated as advisors in strategic conversations to move the organization forward.

PolarTREC Alumni Presentations

Title: Researchers Experiences - Gentoo Penguins 
Presenter: Gary Wesche 
Type: Oral Presentation

Title: Exploring Patters of Soil Organic Matter: Decomposition with Students and the Public through the Global Decomposition Project (GDP)
Presenter: John Wood
Type: Oral Presentation

Title: Bringing Polar Experiences Back to the Classroom
Presenter: Bill Schmoker
Type: Poster

Best Practices of Teacher Field Experience Programs

PolarTREC staff shared the top five best practices for the creation and sustainability of teacher field experiences in the polar regions.  Presenters include Sarah Bartholow and Janet Warburton.