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Polar Record

Authors: Janet Warburton, George Hademenos, Alice (Alex) Eilers Guttensohn, Lollie Garay and Jillian Beth Worssam

Abstract: PolarTREC-Teachers and Researchers Exploring and Collaborating (PolarTREC) has provided the opportunity for over 160 K-12 teachers and informal science educators from the USA to work directly with scientists in the Arctic and the Antarctic. As a Teacher Research Experience (TRE), PolarTREC has engaged teachers with a unique professional development opportunity to increase their teacher content knowledge and learn about the polar regions by partnering with academic polar scientists who are conducting scientific research in the field. Stimulated by the IPY 2007–2008, PolarTREC has sent teachers on field expeditions for over a decade, and during that time has witnessed teachers not only experiencing the polar regions and bring-ing that experience back into their classrooms but also seeing their students learn more about the polar regions and become more interested in polar science. It is this secondary effect that is truly inspiring. This article profiles the journey to the polar regions of four PolarTREC teachers through their own perspectives and how they translated that experience into educational out-reach opportunities.

Citation: Warburton J, Hademenos G, Eilers-Guttensohn A, Garay L, and Worssam JB (2019). Inspiring the next generation of polar scientists: Classroom extensions from teachers with research experiences. Polar Record 55: 207–212.

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