PolarConnect Instructions

Step 1: Register for the PolarConnect Event

Online registration for each event is available at:

Step 2: Setup & connect to the event using the online platform Adobe Connect

Before the PolarConnect event, make sure that the computer you will be using is properly configured:
• You will need POP-UPS enabled.
• Your computer will need to accept cookies.
• You will not need Quicktime for the live event.
• You may need to ask permissions to access the webinar platform from your system administrator.

1. Go to: https://arcus.adobeconnect.com/PolarConnect/
2. Enter your name and click on “Enter Room”. You will then be connected to the PolarConnect event room.
3. If this is the first time you are using Adobe Connect, a screen with a series of “Tips for Using Adobe Connect” will appear on your screen. To exit these, check the box in the lower left corner which says “Don’t show this again” and then click on the X in the upper right hand corner to get rid of the tips.
4. After you exit the Tips screen, you will be given 3 options to join the audio portion of the program. We use only two. Our preferred method is to use the microphone (Voice over IP). Select one of the following:

    (a) “Using Microphone (Computer/Device)”
          To choose this option, select Audio Option 3 and click “Join” to be connected. 
    (b) “Dial-In” to the audio conference via phone  
         To choose this option, select “Dial-In” Option
         Dial: 1-800-766 1337. When prompted, enter the participant code 54366779#  
         This will connect you directly to the conference call.

Note: International participants wishing to join via phone, contact PolarTREC staff at info [at] polartrec.com at least 24 hours before event.

  1. Once you join the presentation, you will see a PolarConnect welcome slide on the main screen and your name will be listed in the Participants Panel on the left side of the screen.
  2. During the presentation, your Host will share information about how to navigate the event room.


  • When you first enter the PolarConnect event room, you will be muted until the Host unmutes you. In general, we will not be sharing video webcams.
  • If you are joining by phone, please mute your phone during the presentation. Even the smallest background noise can cause a distraction on a conference call. To mute your phone, press *6. To unmute, press *6 again.
  • If you are using the telephone, you will need to mute the sound on your computer. Not doing this will result in an echoing sound and/or feedback during the conference.

If you are having problems or need help, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions.
You can also check out the additional tips and tricks for classrooms or large audiences.

Detailed, step-by-step instructions are available for downloading here:
Download Instructions (PDF - 477 KB)

Need help before or during the webinar?
Contact ARCUS at: (907)-474-1600 or email: info [at] polartrec.com